Find Them:

Bobby’s Food Co is often set up somewhere in the downtown area. Check out their Facebook feed or website for where they’ll be.

From the Venue:

A lifelong passion and an ease in the kitchen one can only be born with has all culminated to create the man behind Bobby’s Food Company. Over a decade of restaurant experience and home chef-ing behind him, Bobby is excited to make his dream come true and start his own brand. Traditional meets eclectic, tried and true (but boring) gets a bold new personality! Bobby’s Food Company Catering, BBQ and Gourmet Vending is the exciting future for local events coming your way!


Bobby’s has been a food truck fixture in Topeka and the surrounding areas for a few years. If you keep an eye on their Facebook feed, you can likely catch them in the downtown area.

What’s Good:
Honestly, I’ve loved Bobby’s tacos so much that I’ve never ordered anything but. The steak chimichurri and lamb gyro tacos are my faves.